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What's New at Wadzzo

🚀 Wadzzo Brand Admin User Guide Launch
  • Our comprehensive guide for brands is now live on wadzzo.com. A step-by-step guide to ensure brands can maximize their presence on our platform.
📖 Highlights from the User Guide
  • Introduction to Wadzzo for Brands: Navigate the Wadzzo ecosystem and see how your brand can integrate.
  • Setting Up Your Brand Profile: Instructions to help brands create a strong online identity.
  • Promotions & Rewards: Techniques for creating effective promotions and understanding reward dynamics.
  • Engaging with Users: Learn about tools to boost user engagement, including AR experiences.
  • Brand Analytics: Understand and leverage insights to enhance brand performance. (coming soon)
💡 Enhanced Control for Brands
  • Brands now have the autonomy to dictate reward collection methods – from Auto-Collect to AR experiences.
📱 Wadzzo App Updates
  • Follow Mode & General Mode: Customize your brand discovery experience with these new mode options.
    • Follow Mode: This curated view displays pins only from brands you follow.
    • General Mode: Explore the universe of brands on Wadzzo without restrictions.
🌐 Brands Menu Enhancement
  • Discover, interact with, and follow your favorite brands more efficiently using the revamped Brands Menu in the Wadzzo app.
    • Search Bar: Quickly locate any brand.
    • Available & Followed Brands Sections: View all brands or only the ones you've followed.
    • Add/Remove Brands: Simplified brand management with + and X icons.
    • Tips: Explore new brands regularly and use "Follow Mode" to personalize your brand experience.
📍 Pin Approval Process Update
  • To maintain the quality and integrity of the platform, Wadzzo Super Admins will now review and approve all pins before they go live. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures that the content aligns with our platform's standards.
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